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Bats: Human Harvest

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Bats: Human Harvest
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About Bats: Human Harvest

Time: Present Day. The Place: Russia. The mission: To track down and capture Dr. Walsh, a fanatical weapons specialist, hiding in a research facility deep in the notorious Belzan forest of Chechnya. Specially trained and armed, an elite unit of soldiers is combing through the endless forest looking to bring their target to justice. But what they're about to find is an enemy they're not prepared to fight - genetically altered vampire bats programmed to feast on human flesh and blood - in this horrifying action thriller.


Brett Merriman


Phillip Roth, Ash Shah, Jeff Beach


Jamie Dixon


Michael Jace, B.J. Britt, Jon Falcone, Pollyanna McIntosh, Lance Frank, Martin Papazian, David Chokachi