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Before I Hang

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Before I Hang
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About Before I Hang

Sentenced to die for his role in a mercy killing, Dr. John Garth (Boris Karloff, Frankenstein) spends his final days continuing his experiments from death row. On the eve of his execution, Garth injects himself with a serum made from the blood of a homicidal maniac. Only after learning that his own death sentence has been commuted, he discovers his experiment has a dangerous - and deadly - side effect. Director Nick Grinde brings this gritty sci-fi/horror to life. Also featuring Evelyn Keyes (The Prowler, Here Comes Mr. Jordan) and Bruce Bennett (Mildred Pierce, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre). Newly remastered.


Karl Brown, Robert D. Andrews


Nick Grinde


Wallace MacDonald


Bruce Bennett, Pedro De Cordoba, Boris Karloff, Evelyn Keyes, Ben Taggart, Edward Van Sloan