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Bel Ami

About Bel Ami

Based on Guy de Maupassant's classic novel, this tale of temptation and obsession chronicles Georges Duroy's (Robert Pattinson) rise to power from his meager beginnings as a penniless ex-soldier by using the city's most influential and wealthy women. Set in turn of the century Paris, Duroy seduces Madame de Marelle (Christina Ricci) then marries Madeleine Forestier (Uma Thurman), a former comrade's wife. Fueled by his insatiable quest and lustful greed, Duroy conquers Madame Walter (Kristen Scott Thomas), only to learn that every conquest is marred by betrayal and that true love eludes him.


Rachel Bennette

Based on a Work by

Guy De Maupassant


Uberto Pasolini


Nick Ormerod, Declan Donnellan


Colm Meaney, Christina Ricci, Uma Thurman, Kristin Scott Thomas, Robert Pattinson