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Ben Hur
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About Ben Hur

In this new adaptation of the colossal classic, Ben Hur the mini-series delivers more action, passion and revenge than ever before. The timeless story follows two friends who become bitter enemies and the historic events of the time as told through the eyes of Judah Ben-Hur. Born a wealthy Jewish merchant's son, he is destined to live many lives: a powerful businessman, a dutiful slave, a fierce gladiator, a Roman nobleman, and finally...a conquering hero. This extraordinary adventure-filled saga is the historic epic for a new generation.


M. Martell, Zakaria Alaoui, Evan Tussman

Based on a Work by

Lew Wallace

Executive Producer

David Wyler, Manuel Corbi, Steve Shill, Michael Prupas, Frank Konigsberg, Dirk Beinhold


Alan Sharp


Manuel Corbi, Michael Prupas, Roger Corbi, Simon Vaughan


Steve Shill


Ben Cross, Ray Winstone, Joseph Morgan, Stephen Campbell Moore, Kristin Kreuk, Emily VanCamp