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Blue Streak

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Blue Streak
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About Blue Streak

Master jewel thief Miles Logan (Martin Lawrence, Life, Bad Boys) has a big problem. A $20 million dollar problem. Recently released from prison for the botched heist of a huge diamond, he's anxious to retrieve the hot rock which he hid at a construction site two years earlier. Unfortunately, his hiding place is now at the center of a recently completed high-security police precinct. Posing as a detective, and partnered with straight laced rookie Carlson (Luke Wilson, Home Fries, Bottle Rocket),Miles utilizes his criminal expertise and inadvertently rises up the ranks, winning the respect of his fellow "boys in blue." Powered by a hot soundtrack with music by Jay-Z, Foxy Brown and Tyrese featuring Heavy D, BLUE STREAK is a hilarious action-comedy from director Les Mayfield (Flubber, Encino Man).


Stephen Carpenter, Michael Berry, John Blumenthal


Les Mayfield


Neal H. Moritz


Graham Beckel, Crystal Chappell, David Chappelle, William Forsythe, Peter Greene, Martin Lawrence, Luke Wilson