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Buried Alive

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Buried Alive
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About Buried Alive

Available for the first time - the digital series as a movie! It begins with a terrifying darkness, the sound of staccato breathing, spurts of weeping, and the horrifying screech of fingernails against metal. Someone is buried alive. Rick, a handsome, 20 year-old, is just one of the victims trapped in a coffin. Illuminated in the darkness by the flame of a cigarette lighter, the details of the scene come into focus as a night-vision camera, embedded in the corner of the coffin, captures his every move. On his left, an ominous warning: SAVE YOUR BREATH. Aiding the group above ground are two sleuths, siblings Melanie and Travis, each with a secret stake tied to the victims' fates. The duo will piece together information gleaned from found footage and online diaries hidden on the Web, in the ultimate race against time to unravel the mystery and discover the locations of the buried coffins before time runs out.


Art Monterastelli


Deborah Del Prete, Gigi Pritzker, David S. Greathouse


Paul Etheredge-Ouzts


Jeff Blum, Augusto Aguilar, Greyson Chadwick, Bram Hoover, J.R. May, Nikki McKenzie, John Charles Meyer, Brit Morgan, Natalie Wachen