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California Split

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California Split
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About California Split

Bill Denny (George Segal) and Charlie Walters (Elliott Gould) are two compulsive gamblers with nothing in common except incredibly bad luck. But after a chance meeting at an LA card parlor, these twolosers find that together, they make an unbeatable team. Embarking on a once-in-a-lifetime winning streak, Bill and Charlie bet their way from the tacky racetracks and bars of Los Angeles to the plush casino tables of Reno, where they end up staking their good fortune on a "friendly" little game ofpoker with the legendary world champion, Amarillo Slim. A high-rolling comedy about two friends with an uncontrollable urge to score.


Joseph Walsh

Executive Producer

Leonard Goldberg, Aaron Spelling


Robert Altman


Robert Altman, Joseph Walsh


John Considine, Jeff Goldblum, Elliott Gould, Ann Prentiss, George Segal, Gwen Welles