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Cameron's Closet

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Cameron's Closet
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About Cameron's Closet

On a chilly evening, under a bright full moon Cameron Lansing, a lonely boy plays innocently in his closet. Later that same night his father (Tab Hunter) is found decapitated among the toys and sneakers a few months later Cameron's mother's boyfriend dies mysteriously. Cotter Smith is Sam Talliaferro, the detective assigned to the case along with Mel Harris, spectacular as the quintessential shrink who detects Cameron's peculiar psychic powers. On this trip into the supernatural you will witness incredible special effects created by the master, Carlo Rambaldi (ET, Alien, Dune, Cats Eye and Close Encounters of the Third Kind). The nightmare begins when you open the door.


Gary Brandner


Armand Mastroianni


Luigi Cingolani


Mel Harris, Chuck McCann, Scott Curtis, Cotter Smith