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Candy Stripers

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Candy Stripers
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About Candy Stripers

Playboy Playmates Deanna Brook (Playboy Playmate: Pajama Party, Playboy Playmate: 50 Years of Playmates) and Serria Tawan (Playboy: Hot Lips, Hot Legs) star in this hot horror film about a group of small town college students find themselves trapped in a hospital overrun by beautiful candy stripers whose bodies have been taken over by aliens hell-bent on breeding. Injured in an out-of-town college basketball game, Matt and his teammates end up in the local hospital. In traction and unable to move, Matt begins to see things get more and more bizarre at the hospital. Sweet young candy stripers seem to be changing in front of his eyes. When they begin seducing all the men in the hospital and wrapping them up in a hideous weblike substance, Matt realizes that he has to get out. Dragging his unwilling friends along with him, Matt leads his friends in a life and death struggle that becomes the biggest fight of his life.


Kate Robbins, Jill Garson


Kate Robbins, Suzanne Lyons


Kate Robbins


Brian Lloyd, Tori White, Deanna Brooks, Nicole Rayburn, William Edwards Jr., Serria Tawan, Kevin Thomas Fee