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Cold Steel

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Cold Steel
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About Cold Steel

Brad Davis (Midnight Express, Querelle), Sharon Stone (Basic Instinct, Total Recall) and music's Adam Ant star in this action-packed thriller about a ruthless killer out for revenge and a shoot-from-the-hip cop that's the object of his deadly obsession. LAPD detective Johnny Modane's (Davis) world is shattered when his father's brutally murdered. Determined to avenge his father's death, Johnny puts his career and his sanity on the line in an all-out effort to bring the killer to justice. But his road to satisfaction is littered with some very familiar and deadly characters and he soon discovers that the killing was anything but random. Now, an old associate with a grudge and a mysterious and seductive woman with a score of her own to settle set the stage for an explosive and deadly game of mutual destruction.


Moe Quigley, Michael Sonye

Executive Producer

Paul Hertzberg


Peter Combs, Lisa M. Hansen


Dorothy Ann Puzo


Adam Ant, Jonathan Banks, Brad Davis, Eddie Egan, Sharon Stone, Jay Acovone