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Cops And Robbersons

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Cops And Robbersons
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About Cops And Robbersons

Chevy Chase, Jack Palance and Dianne Wiest star in this comedy caper about a mild-mannered accountant whose dreams of being a supercop come hilariously to life. In the pursuit of a dangerous counterfeiter, grizzled cop Jake Stone (Palance) convinces a suburban family to let him use their home for an extended stakeout. But this "typical" family is anything but, with a pratfalling father (Chase) whose cop-show obsession endangers the whole operation. Reuniting the director and star of Fletch, COPS & ROBBERSONS combines fast-moving farce, sight gags and physical comedy for arresting entertainment.


Bernie Somers


Ronald L. Schwary


Michael Ritchie


Chevy Chase, Robert Davi, David Barry Gray, Jack Palance, Jason James Richter, Dianne Wiest