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Down To Earth

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Down To Earth
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About Down To Earth

In 1946, Columbia knew it had all the makings of a blockbuster by reworking the "Here Comes Mr. Jordan" theme along with teaming up some of the original cast members with Hollywood's brightest star, Rita Hayworth. The prospects might have been too promising, as they enabled Hayworth's agents at the William Morris company to renegotiate her already lucrative studio contract. In DOWN TO EARTH, Rita Hayworth's talents are absolutely show-stopping, and with the release of this film, it's easy to see why she earned the reputation as the Silver Screen's one and only Love Goddess.


Don Hartman, Edwin Blum

Based on a Work by

Harry Segall


Don Hartman


Alexander Hall


Roland Culver, James Gleason, Rita Hayworth, Adele Jergens, Larry Parks, Marc Platt