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First Sunday

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First Sunday

About First Sunday

Ice Cube and Tracy Morgan are two thieves who haven't got a prayer in FIRST SUNDAY, a sinfully, funny comedy co-starring Katt Williams and Chi McBride. Sentenced to 5,000 hours of community service, Durell Jefferson's (Cube) life quickly goes from bad to worse. Realizing that the Lord helps those who help themselves, he eventually decides to help himself to the neighborhood church's building fund. Accompanied by his dimwitted partner-in-crime Lee John (Morgan), the two down-on-their-luck men are dismayed to discover the cash has already been stolen, so they hold the congregation hostage in a Hail Mary attempt to learn who amongst the righteous has already run away with their loot! Also starring Tiffany New York Pollard, Rickey Smiley, Loretta Devine and Malinda Williams.


Trae Ireland


David E. Talbert

Associate Producer

Jessica McCullagh

Executive Producer

Neil Machlis, Stacy Kolker Cramer, Julie Yorn, Ronald Muhammad


Ice Cube, Matt Alvarez, Tim Story, David E. Talbert, David McIlvain


David E. Talbert


Michael Beach, Keith David, Loretta Devine, Malinda Williams, Ice Cube, Chi McBride, Tracy Morgan, Katt Williams, Regina Hall