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About Frankenfish

There is always something bloodthirsty lurking in the Louisiana Bayou. But there has never, ever, been anything like this. A pack of massive, genetically engineered flesh eating fish is combing the quiet waters of the river, searching for prey. Leaving a trail of mangled bodies along the riverbank, the creatures have local authorities scrambling to uncover what is causing the carnage and it quickly becomes clear that they are dealing with no ordinary predator and these man-eaters far outweigh any killer they have ever come up against. Scientifically bred with a deadly snake and genetically conditioned to breathe both under water and on land, Frankenfish can hunt wherever humans tread. And they're fast. And they're hungry.


Simon Barrett, Scott Clevenger


Ash Shah, David Hillary, Timothy Wayne Peternel


Mark A.Z. Dippe


Muse Watson, China Chow, Tory Kittles, Tomas Arana