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Hollow Man 2
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About Hollow Man 2

Christian Slater stars in the action-packed sequel to the box office hit Hollow Man as a volunteer soldier/assassin who goes mad after he turns invisible. A driven Seattle detective, Frank Turner, and the molecular biologist, Maggie Dalton, he's been assigned to protect, find themselves on the run from an undetectable solider gone rogue as he destroys everything in his path in order to find the serum to save his life and punish the unscrupulous scientists and agents of the government responsible for this creation . . . Stars Christian Slater (True Romance, Interview with a Vampire), Peter Facinelli (The Scorpion King, TV's "Fastlane") and Laura Regan (Unbreakable).


Joel Soisson, Gary Scott Thompson


David Lancaster


Claudio Fah, Claudio Faeh


Peter Facinelli, Christian Slater, Laura Regan