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About Ishtar

Rogers and Clarke (Warren Beatty and Dustin Hoffman) are two inept songwriters, down on their luck and desperate for money. Taking the advice of their shifty agent, the duo are whisked off on a tour of the mystical republic of Ishtar. On their arrival, our heroes are separately recruited into spying for opposing sides of a planned revolution, while simultaneously vying for the attention of a gorgeous female freedom fighter (Isabelle Adjani). But Clarke and Rogers make worse spies than they do songwriters, and soon they're left stranded in the desert with only a blind camel and several CIA assassins for company. Now you can own the legendary comedy remastered in high definition!


Elaine May

Associate Producer

Nigel Wooll, David L. MacLeod


Warren Beatty


Elaine May


Isabelle Adjani, Warren Beatty, Charles Grodin, Dustin Hoffman, Carol Kane, Jack Weston