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Kaena: The Prophecy

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Kaena: The Prophecy
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About Kaena: The Prophecy

On the distant planet Axis, a gigantic coiling plant stretches above the clouds. At its center is a village whose people are in mortal danger because Axis is withering...its sap is drying up. The people beg their gods for no avail. Compelled by a mysterious force, Kaena, a rebellious, high-spirited teenage girl, will defy the High Priest and her people's ancestral beliefs to take the perilous journey through Axis and discover what dark secrets lie beyond the clouds: a dying world, an evil force, a terrible secret...


Denis Friedman


Chris Delaporte, Tarik Hamdine

Story by

Chris Delaporte


Kirsten Dunst, Richard Harris, Anjelica Huston


Chris Delaporte, Pascal Pinon


Marc du Pontavice

Co-Executive Producer

Andre A. Belanger