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Lost And Found

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Lost And Found
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About Lost And Found

After literally crashing into each other at the French ski resort of Megeve, English divorcee Tricia Brittenham (Glenda Jackson) and American widower Adam Watson (George Segal) wind up on crutches - and in love. Though they barely know each other, the impulsive couple marries. And upon their return to the New England town where Adam is an assistant professor of English at Winchester College, Tricia discovers that she's in for a rude awakening. The first hints of trouble surfaces when Adam's Bohemian mother, Jemmy (Maureen Stapleton), a woman who doesn't believe in marriage, insists on guiding every step of her son's career. Tricia then discovers that because Adam and his best friend Lenny (John Cunningham) are up for the same teaching post the following semester, their once-hearty comradeship has become bitter rivalry. Worse still, the manuscript Adam must write in order to keep his job is not only unfinished, it hasn't even been started! As Tricia finds that Adam has absentmindedly left his late wife's things scattered throughout their new home, matters are further complicated by Eden Marshall (Hollis McLaren), a sexy graduate student who is still infatuated with Adam despite his new marital status. Under pressure from his boss, Dr. Bryce (Sandy Webster), Adam seeks to salvage his increasingly shaky career by retreating to a secluded hunting lodge where he can write undisturbed. But there's just one problem -- the lodge belongs to Eden's father -- and she wants to "help." When Tricia trails Adam to the lodge in a cab driven by Reilly (Paul Sorvino) -- an amateur philosopher with a nonstop gift of gab -- she finds him drunk, the lodge a shambles, and her worst suspicions about Eden virtually confirmed. When Tricia announces she's leaving him, amidst an alcoholic stupor, Adam hatches a plan to keep his marriage together -- even if it kills him. And, as Tricia is shocked to discover, it just might!


Melvin Frank, Jack Rose


Melvin Frank


Melvin Frank


John Candy, Glenda Jackson, George Segal, Martin Short, Paul Sorvino, Maureen Stapleton