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Prom Night

About Prom Night

Three years ago, Donna (Brittany Snow, John Tucker Must Die) watched in horror as an obsessed predator (Johnathon Schaech, That Thing You Do!) murdered her family. Tonight is her senior prom and although she's anxious about the past, she's excited to celebrate her future with her friends. What Donna doesn't know is that the deranged psychopath has escaped from the asylum. He's returned to hunt her down, intent on killing anyone who gets in his way. As the night races towards its heart-pounding conclusion, the question becomes not who will be prom queen, but who will survive the killer's rampage.


J.S. Cardone

Executive Producer

J.S. Cardone, William Tyrer, Glenn S. Gainor, Marc Forby, Bruce Mellon, Chris J. Ball


Nelson McCormick


Neal H. Moritz, Toby Jaffe


Johnathon Schaech, Brittany Snow, Idris Elba, Jessica Stroup, Scott Porter, Dana Davis, Collins Pennie, Kelly Blatz, James Ransone, Brianne Davis