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Stealing Harvard

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Stealing Harvard
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About Stealing Harvard

John (Jason Lee) leads a simple and happy life. He has a beautiful fiancée and an assistant manager position at his future father-in-law's company. Everything seems perfect, until John's favorite niece surprises him with her acceptance to Harvard University and he's reminded of a long forgotten oath he made to foot the bill! Desperate, John turns to his hare-brained and half-witted best friend Duff (Tom Green) for advice. Thinking far outside of the box, Duff convinces John that they must temporarily lead a life of crime to raise the needed cash! From the director of Superstar, and co-starring Megan Mullally (Emmy Award® winning Best Supporting Actress for TV's "Will & Grace") and Dennis Farina (Snatch, Big Trouble), Stealing Harvard is an outrageous comedy of errors proving that getting into college is the easy part!


Marty Ewing


Peter Tolan

Executive Producer

Susan Cavan, Howard Lapides


Bruce McCulloch


Brian Grazier, Susan Cavan


Dennis Farina, Richard Jenkins, Leslie Mann, John C. McGinley, Chris Penn, Tom Green, Jason Lee, Megan Mullaly