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Stella Street

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Stella Street
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About Stella Street

Jury Award winners for best actor of the U.S., Comedy Arts Festival 2004, Phil Cornwell and John Sessions play multiple roles as a group of celebrities who, tired of the pressures of life in the spotlight, all move to a street in suburban south London. One by one the various superstars - Michael, Jack, Al, Mick, Keith, David, Joe and briefly, Dustin - move to Stella Street to escape their Hollywood A-List lives and settle down to domestic bliss. Things start to go wrong when the stars are encouraged to entrust their wealth to a titled financial advisor. Faced with financial ruin, they discover that the perks of the celebrity lifestyles that they left behind weren't that bad after all.


John Sessions, Phil Cornwell


Peter Richardson


Ben Swaffer


John Sessions, Phil Cornwell, Ronni Ancona