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About Superfly

SUPERFLY is a remix of the iconic film that defined a genre through its characters, look, sound and feel. Told through the artistic lens of visionary, Director X, this newest take is set to a soundtrack curated by Future and modernized in the city of Atlanta. An action-packed film that follows Youngblood Priest [Trevor Jackson] as he attempts to achieve his “American Dream” all while redefining The Hustle.

Executive Producer

Hal Sadoff, Anthony Saleh, Taj Critchlow, Steven Shore, Matthew Hirsch, Ethan Erwin, Aaron Auch


Michael Williams, Antwan Patton, Jennifer Morrison, Esai Morales, Big Blank, Lex Davis, Kaalan Walker, Jacob Ming-Trent, Andrea Londo, Trevor Jackson, Jason Mitchell, Big Boi


Alex Tse


Joel Silver, Future


Director X