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The 5,000 Fingers Of DR. T.

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The 5,000 Fingers Of DR. T.
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About The 5,000 Fingers Of DR. T.

Young Bart Collins, lulled to sleep by the monotony of his piano lessons, dreams of a castle ruled by his piano teacher, the eccentric Dr. Teriwilliker. Dr. T is determined to prove that his "Happy Fingers Method" of teaching piano is the best method in the world. Having banished all other musical instruments to the dungeon, Dr. T lures 500 reluctant little boys to perform in a colossal concert on the grandest grand piano ever built. In his effort to escape, Bart comes in contact with some of the strangest characters imaginable - Siamese twins on roller skates, a human drum and the most memorable villain since the "Grinch". Filled with surreal landscapes and tongue-twisting rhymes, for which Dr. Seuss is famous, this is a movie children and their parents will love to watch again and again. THE 5000 FINGERS OF DR. T is fantasy entertainment at its best.


Alan Scott, Dr. Seuss

Story by

Dr. Seuss


Stanley Kramer


Roy Rowland


Hans Conried, Peter Lind Hayes, Mary Healy, Tommy Rettig, John Heasley, Robert Heasley, Noel Cravat