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The Alarmist

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The Alarmist
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About The Alarmist

Tommy Hudler (Arquette) loves his new job with Grigoris Security Systems. On his very first day, hesells a complete SS9 self-actuating home alarm system. Better yet, he seduces Gale (Capshaw), the fragile single mother who bought it. But Tommy's success takes a sinister turn when he discovers his boss, Heinrich (Tucci), is engaged in the profitable side-business of breaking into the very homes he's supposed to protect. Mind your step. There's a motion detector around every surprising corner in this twisted story and someone may just press the panic button.


Jonathan King


Evan Dunsky

Based on a Work by

Keith Reddin

Associate Producer

Keith Reddin

Executive Producer

Stefan Simchowitz, Beau Flynn, Matthias Emcke, Thomas Augsberger


Evan Dunsky


Dan Stone, Lisa Zimble


David Arquette, Kate Capshaw, Mary McCormack, Stanley Tucci