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The Bandit Of Sherwood Forest

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The Bandit Of Sherwood Forest
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About The Bandit Of Sherwood Forest

Cornel Wilde (The Greatest Show on Earth) stars as the son of Robin Hood in this lavish Technicolor swashbuckler. William of Pembroke, Regent of England imprisons the young King of England, and moves to repeal the Magna Carta returning England to autocratic rule. Robert of Huntington (Wilde) joins his father and his reunited band of men to save the boy King and England from tyranny. Anita Louise plays Lady Catherine, Robert's love interest. The cast also includes Jill Esmond (Random Harvest), Edgar Buchanan, George Macready, Russell Hicks (as Robin Senior), Lloyd Corrigan and many more. Tony Gaudio, the accomplished cinematographer (who shot the Errol Flynn version of the story in 1938) once again uses the Technicolor palette to bring Henry Levin's lush conceptualization of the Robin Hood tale to the screen. This is among the very finest depictions of one of England's most fabled heroes.


Wilfrid H. Pettitt, Melvin Levy

Associate Producer

Edward M. Spitz

Based on a Work by

Paul A. Castleton

Story by

Wilfrid H. Pettitt, Paul A. Castleton


George Sherman, Henry Levin


Leonard S. Picker, Clifford Sanforth


John Abbott, Edgar Buchanan, Lloyd Corrigan, Russell Hicks, Anita Louise, George MacReady, Cornel Wilde, Henry Daniell, Jill Esmond