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The Beautiful Country

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The Beautiful Country
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About The Beautiful Country

An epic story, exotic locales and electrifying performances from Bai Ling (Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow), Tim Roth (Dark Water) and Nick Nolte (Hotel Rwanda) highlight this moving film that celebrates the power of the human spirit. Raised as an orphan, Binh (Damien Nguyen) is a young Vietnamese man with one impossible dream: to be reunited with his birth father, an American G.I. who left without a trace. In an incredible odyssey that stretches from Saigon to New York to Texas, Binh confronts unimaginable hardships as he finds danger, love and, finally, the key to unlocking the mysteries of his past.


Sabina Murray

Story by

Lingard Jervey, Sabina Murray


Hans Petter Moland


Terrence Malick, Edward R. Pressman


Nick Nolte, Temuera Morrison, Tim Roth, Bai Ling