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The Contractor

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The Contractor
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About The Contractor

Wesley Snipes is back in this explosive action-thriller about a deadly assassin who finds himself on the run when an attempt to kill a terrorist mastermind in London goes terribly wrong. Retired marksman James Dial (Snipes) lives a secluded life on his ranch in Montana. Haunted by his failure to exterminate one of the world's most notorious terrorists, he is approached by his old employers to finish the job in London, where the terrorist leader has been captured and is under heavy protection. What would be a routine mission for the sniper turns into a nightmare as Dial is forced into hiding and relentlessly pursued by the British police and their lead investigator, Windsor (Charles Dance, Gosford Park, The Golden Child). But when Dial is framed for Windsor's murder, he begins to realize that he has been seriously double-crossed. His only hope is a 12-year-old girl whom Dial reluctantly befriends as he desperately searches to find the killer and the truth behind his betrayal.


David Ball


Joshua Michael Stern, Robert Foster

Associate Producer

Victoria Lucas

Executive Producer

Rolf Deyhle, Henrik Huydts


Josef Rusnak


Rudy Cohen


Ralph Brown, Wesley Snipes, Charles Dance, Velizar Binev, Lena Headey, Eliza Bennett