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The Cutter

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The Cutter
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About The Cutter

After a deadly kidnapping rescue gone wrong, a guilt ridden detective (Chuck Norris) goes out on his own to successfully rescue an aged diamond cutter from the hands of a murderous thief in this action packed thriller. With the kidnapped man's niece Elizabeth aiding in his rescue, Shep learns the diamond cutter perfected his skill during his years as an Auschwitz prisoner. Shep must learn the truth about the cutter's past to unravel the clues and rescue him before it is too late.


Bruce Haskett


Avi Lerner, Pinchas Perry, Les Weldon


William Tannen


Bernie Kopell, Aaron Norris, Chuck Norris, Joanna Pacula, Tracy Scoggins, Daniel Bernhardt, Todd Jensen, Curt Lowens, Marshall Teague