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The Hireling

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The Hireling
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About The Hireling

Lady Franklin (Academy Award® nominee Sarah Miles, 1970, Best Actress, Ryan's Daughter) suffers a nervous breakdown after the death of her husband. Struggling with her medication and without many friends, she takes a liking to her new chauffeur, Ledbetter (Academy Award® nominee Robert Shaw, 1966, Best Supporting Actor, A Man for All Seasons). The two develop an unusual relationship, with Lady Franklin finding her way out of depression and Ledbetter growing continually fonder of her. But as Lady Franklin becomes involved with a young politician (Peter Egan, Chariots of Fire), Ledbetter is torn between his professional obligation and romantic yearnings. Newly remastered.


Wolf Mankowitz


Ben Arbeid


Alan Bridges


Alison Leggatt, Sarah Miles, Elizabeth Sellars, Robert Shaw, Peter Egan