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The Mating Of Millie

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The Mating Of Millie
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About The Mating Of Millie

Self-sufficient in life and successful in business, prim and proper Millie McGonigle (Evelyn Keyes) wants just one more thing, a child. When she asks to adopt orphan Tommy Bassett (Jimmy Hunt), but learns that she will first have to have a husband, Millie turns to her neighbor, Doug Andrews (Glenn Ford). Though he has no interest in marriage, Doug offers to help Millie find a husband by transforming her into a beautiful and exciting woman, one who catches the eye of two eligible bachelors, including the orphanage's president. Although both men propose, having fallen in love with her neighbor, Millie turns them down. And once he gets to know Tommy, Doug has a change of heart about Millie, too.


Louella MacFarlane, St. Clair McKelway


Casey Robinson


Henry Levin


Glenn Ford, Jimmy Hunt, Virginia Hunter, Evelyn Keyes, Willard Parker, Ron Randell