SuperMansion Drag Me to Halloween
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SuperMansion Drag Me to Halloween

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SuperMansion Drag Me to Halloween
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About SuperMansion Drag Me to Halloween

Halloween comes to SuperMansion, and Titanium Rex isn't happy about it! The world of heroes and villains is weird enough with out a night of supernatural terrors thrown into the mix. But his requests that the team stay indoors are ignored, and spooky happenings ensue. Cooch is drawn into a trick war with the hapless dentist handing out toothbrushes to trick-or-treaters. Black Saturn has a way-too-close run in with the Groaner at a costume party. American Ranger is seduced by a ghost and Rex must exorcise malicious code that has taken over Robobot's body.


Bryan Cranston, Keegan-Michael Key, Heidi Garner, Tucker Gilmore and Zeb Wells. Guest voices include Lake Bell and Phil Lamar.