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Frequently Asked Questions
      • 1. What Sony Pictures movies are being released in the future?
      • 2. Where can I get access to Sony Pictures publicity materials?
        • If you are a member of the media, please go to the Press Section of our site for Publicity contacts & materials.
      • 3. How can I attend a premiere?
        • Movie premieres and other events are through special invitation only.
      • 4. Can I submit my movie idea or script?
        • Sony Pictures does not accept unsolicited submissions for projects of any sort. Any material that is sent either by parcel or via email will be returned unopened and unread.
      • 5. What steps is Sony Pictures taking in the U.S. to reduce the depiction of tobacco use in its films?
        • Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) is committed to reducing depictions of tobacco use in the films produced by the company or any wholly-owned film division.
        • SPE has adopted a standard protocol to identify, and where appropriate and feasible, eliminate portrayals of tobacco use.
        • In particular, there will be a working presumption that youth-rated films produced and distributed in the United States shall not feature depictions of tobacco use unless there is a compelling creative justification that may include, but is not limited to, factors such as historical accuracy or an important tie to the creative context of the project and vision of the filmmaker.
        • SPE will continue its existing policy of not entering into product placement arrangements in connection with the depiction of tobacco products. As part of the commitment to this long-standing ban, SPE will, on a going forward basis, indicate in the end credits of films with tobacco depictions that no product placement arrangement was made.
        • With regard to film acquisitions, co-productions, and films produced and distributed outside of the United States, Sony Pictures Entertainment may have limited influence over the content. In these instances, SPE will discourage depictions of tobacco use where reasonable and practical.
        • And finally, Sony Pictures Entertainment strongly supports the continued use of a smoking descriptor in a youth-rated film's MPAA rating so that consumers can make an informed choice when deciding whether a film is appropriate.
        • *Effective December 1, 2012
      • 6. How can I get tickets to see a taping of a television show?
        • There are several ways to get tickets to your favorite Sony shows.
        • By Phone: Call Audiences Unlimited at (818) 753-3470 ext. 812.
          If you order tickets by phone, you will be asked to provide your name, address and phone number. (For shows at Warner Bros., Walt Disney, Sony Pictures and Universal Studios you must provide the first and last names of each guest in your party.) If tickets are available for the show you requested, a guest card (tickets) will be mailed out to you. Please allow at least one week to ten days for processing and mailing.
        • On the Internet: Please visit
      • 7. How can I become a contestant on JEOPARDY!?
        • You can check the Jeopardy! Web site for upcoming contestant searches or send mail to:
        • Jeopardy! Contestants
          10202 W. Washington Blvd.
          Culver City, CA 90232-3195
        • Be sure to include your name and address (please print or type).
      • 8. How can I become a contestant on WHEEL OF FORTUNE?
        • You can visit the Wheel of Fortune Web site Wheel of Fortune Web site and read the Contestant FAQs or send mail to:
        • Wheel of Fortune
          10202 West Washington Blvd
          Suite 2000
          Culver City, CA 90232
        • Be sure to include your name, address, phone number and nearest major city (please print or type).
      • 9. How do I get a WHEEL OF FORTUNE SPIN ID number?
        • In order to get a SPIN ID, which is your ticket to winning the same great prizes as WHEEL OF FORTUNE'S in-show contestants, you must register for the Wheel Watchers Club. Not yet a member?
          Visit Sony Rewards to join now!
      • 10. I am experiencing trouble with the Wheel Watchers Club and/or my SPIN ID. Who should I contact?
        • For the most prompt and accurate reply regarding your Wheel Watchers Club and/or SPIN ID concerns, we recommend that you contact Sony Rewards Customer Service at or 1-866-556-7669.
      • 11. I have a question about a DVD, Blu-ray or Digital copy I purchased. Who do I contact?
      • 12. I'm interested in working for Sony Pictures Entertainment. Where do I send my resume?
        • Please visit our Employment Opportunities at Sony Pictures area to see what positions are available at Sony Pictures Entertainment.Click here to go to the page now.
      • 13. I have a question about clip licensing, still photo release or getting permission for a public screening. Who do I contact?
        • For clip or still licensing of our material, please contact Sony Pictures Film Clip/Still Licensing at or call 310.244.7306 for recorded Film Clip licensing instructions.
        • To get permission for a public screening, please contact Benjamin Scantlin at or call 310.244.2585.
      • 14. Can you help me gather information for a research project?
        • We're terribly sorry, but we cannot help on any specific projects. There are books about Sony Pictures and Columbia Pictures at the local library that should be of help.
      • 15. I have questions or a problem with my Sony Electronics product (TV, DVD Player, Camera, Computer, etc). Who can I contact?
        • For Sony Electronics service, support, and general information please visit: or call 1-888-476-6972.
      • 16. I have a question about this website - who can I contact?