Interlude Announces Strategic Investment By Sony Pictures Entertainment

Filmmaker Will Gluck to Executive Produce Original Content with Studio for Eko Platform

NEW YORK - June 16, 2016 - Interlude, the parent of the Eko interactive storytelling platform, today announced that Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) has made a strategic investment in Interlude. SPE will also collaborate with Interlude on the development of entertainment content to be distributed on the Eko platform, which writer/director Will Gluck will be charged with creating and overseeing.

New audiences have grown up with a much more active relationship with entertainment than in the past. They are used to shaping what they want to see and hear, rather than passively sitting and absorbing content. Until now, video storytelling has only been passive. The Eko platform changes this by enabling creators to easily script and craft stories that can be shaped by the viewer based on his or her personality, preferences, or mood.

"With Eko, Yoni and the team at Interlude have developed an elegant, innovative storytelling platform. We look forward to working with them, and Will Gluck, to engage audiences with completely new entertainment experiences," said Michael Lynton, CEO, Sony Entertainment.

The Eko platform includes substantial breakthroughs in real time seamless video and audio, as well as user-response technologies. These all have been invented by Interlude's team to serve the creative needs of artists using this new medium. Moreover, with a new, active relationship between the story and consumers, Eko enables media companies and brands to benefit from unprecedented viewer engagement.

"We are very excited to launch this partnership with Sony Pictures," said Yoni Bloch, Co-Founder and CEO of Interlude. "We look forward to introducing Eko experiences to many more viewers and to offering new business approaches to fuel the best creative and business returns for our partners."

"I'm thrilled to be working with Sony and Interlude to contribute to the evolving landscape of entertainment," said Will Gluck, whose Los Angeles-based Olive Bridge Entertainment will spearhead the endeavor. "We look forward to working with inventive writers and directors to create compelling storytelling that will match Interlude's innovative technology."

SPE's investment follows other recent Interlude developments, which include new versions of "The Twilight Zone" and "War Games", in partnership with CBS and MGM respectively. Eko is also a partner with Warner Music Group on "Clash Up," an interactive music series that lets users create their own multi-genre mix in real time, and other music related content. These new collaborations will join the existing and new content launched on Eko ( and will range from music to comedy, drama, mysteries, thrillers and new genres that take special advantage of the Eko medium.

About Sony Pictures Entertainment
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About Interlude
Interlude ( is a media and technology company that is pioneering next generation interactive video. Stories told using Interlude's Eko patented technology platform can adapt in a multitude of directions; like in a video game, the viewer steps into the story to make choices that shape dialogue, and even the plot, at any particular moment in time. This means that viewers are offered nearly infinite experiences in live-action video within a single piece of content. The result is highly engaging game-like videos that consumers play over and over.

Interlude partners with entertainment companies, independent creators, and top brands to create episodic series that are distributed on the Eko platform through a network of affiliates on the mobile web, mobile apps, and the web. Interlude investors include Sequoia Capital, NEA, Marker, and Innovation Endeavors. Strategic investors in addition to Sony, include MGM, Intel Capital, Warner Music Group and Samsung.