Sony Pictures Television’s Impossible Science Channel Supports STEM Education

[December 2021] Sony Pictures Television (“SPT”) launched the Impossible Science YouTube channel fronted by Magician and science educator Jason Latimer in Fall 2020 with the limited series ‘Impossible Science: At Home’. Throughout 2021 the channel has experienced exponential growth, rolling out across social media platforms, publishing nearly 220 STEM inspired videos and amassing over 40M views worldwide and over 21M minutes of Impossible Science content watched. The channel has experienced viral success, with the breakout Porch Pirate Package Protector video receiving 22.5M Views and 2.1M Likes across social platforms, resulting in earned media pickup across 11 major outlets with over 5.2B in web traffic.

To adapt and respond to the ongoing impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on education through 2021, Impossible Science launched a series of over 30 bespoke lesson plans based on the videos on the Impossible Science YouTube channel, available through a free-to-access website. The lesson plans are designed to give educators (professional and parents alike) a fun, simple and helpful guide to follow so they can expand upon the STEM principles introduced in the videos.

The lesson plans are funded through the Sony Pictures Global Relief Fund for COVID-19, set up in 2020 to provide assistance in multiple areas. This included education efforts for children who had to adapt to home learning.

Additionally, Impossible Science has partnered with LAUSD to bring the series to the classroom, and through their local PBS affiliate (KLCS Public Media), Impossible Science has come to the screen as part of the KLCS Summer and Winter Learning programming blocks, dedicated to keeping viewers learning through periods of home schooling and school vacations.

Jason Latimer, World Champion of Magic, says, “I am so proud that Impossible Science has been able to support teachers, schools, and families through this year. The goal of Impossible Science was to inspire our next generation to ask questions and utilize science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to make the impossible possible. To have the LAUSD, LACOE and Impossible Science working together to support education and engage students to see how the right question changes everything… is nothing short of real magic”

Sarah Edwards, SVP International Creative Development, Sony Pictures Television, says “We are incredibly pleased with how the Impossible Science videos have been embraced across the social media ecosystem this year since launching a year ago. This has been an incredibly disrupted year of schooling around the world, and these Impossible Science lesson plans funded through the Sony Pictures Global Relief Fund for COVID-19, give us a practical opportunity to help support STEM education through Jason’s unique educational entertainment”

Alison Yoshimoto-Towery, Los Angeles Unified Chief Academic Officer, says, “Part of healing and learning acceleration is realizing that we are surrounded by the miracles of science and related studies in our daily lives. Jason Latimer, World Champion of Magic, inspires curiosity and makes eyes widen with wonder. Students can’t help but to have fun while learning and solve the real-life mysteries in our everyday world.


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About Impossible Science
Launched in August 2020 with the original series strand “Impossible Science: At Home,” the Impossible Science channel features content which fuses science and magic to inspire wonder in education, fronted by world champion magician and science educator Jason Latimer.

With videos featuring Bryan Cranston, Constance Zimmer, and Cobra Kai’s Ralph Macchio and William Zabka, Jason Latimer and the Impossible Science channel have been showcased at the LA City Of STEM Virtual Science Festival, the USA Science and Engineering Festival, and at the Virtual 2020 New York-London Comic Con since launching in Fall 2020.

Impossible Science posts new episodes on Tuesdays, at:

About Jason Latimer
As a magician, Jason is the series champion of the BBC One’s The Magicians, the recipient of Siegfried & Roy’s Masters of the Impossible Award, and was bestowed with magic’s highest honor, “Grand Prix ‘Best Overall’ World Champion of Magic.” Jason is one of the judges with Penn & Teller on SyFy Channel’s magic competition Wizard Wars. In 2018, Jason joined David Copperfield and David Blaine as one of the few recipients of the prestigious and highly coveted Golden Grolla Award from the Masters of Magic.

As a scientist, Jason co-hosts Science Channel’s series SciJinks with Big Bang Theory’s Johnny Galecki and Mythbusters: The Search’s Tamara Robertson. Jason is the curator of the Fleet Science Center in San Diego, CA and creator of the “Impossible Science” education platform which unites magic and science. Impossible Science program is responsible for inspiring wonder in hundreds of thousands of visitors within learning centres throughout California and Oregon.