Join the irresistible Ted Danson (two-time Emmy(r) winner, TV's "Cheers") and the unpredictable HowieMandel (TVs "St. Elsewhere") as they find themselves in A FINE MESS. While making a movie at a racetrack, lady crazed actor, contartist, and all around bungler Spence Holden (Danson) stumbles on two goofball thugs, Turnip (Richard Mulligan) and Binky (Stuart Margolin), doping a race horse. Always ready to cash in on a golden opportunity, Spence phones his roller-skating carhop best buddy (Mandel)for some quick loot. When the two hoods discover Spence's plan, the chase is on, taking all four guys on a madcap comedy romp that includes hightailing it from the cops, the Mob, and the gangster husband of one hot-to-trot wife! Written and directed by Blake Edwards (THE PINK PANTHER, VICTOR VICTORIA), A FINE MESS features a great soundtrack with music by The Temptations, Mr. Mister and Smokey Robinson.

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