The astonishing true story of Hitler¹s private secretary coming to terms with working alongside unspeakable evil after remaining silent for nearly sixty years. In 1942, Traudl Junge was an apolitical22-year-old chosen from a clerical pool to work as one of Adolf Hitler¹s private secretaries. Working day-in, day-out for Hitler, Junge viewed him as a surrogate father figure, private and polite, nothing like the crazed rhetorician of his speeches. Shielded from the knowledge of Hitler¹s acts of atrocity and convinced she was in the center of information, she was actually in a blind spot. As theNazi regime teetered on destruction and Hitler plunged further into madness, Junge witnessed everything up to the final chaotic days in the bunker. Completed just months before Traudl Junge¹s death,BLIND SPOT: HITLER¹S SECRETARY is a riveting personal history which demands to be seen by all.

Motion Picture and English Subtitles: © 2002 Dor Film Produktions GmbH. All Rights Reserved.