Love flows like music in this romantic comedy set in beautiful Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. BOSSA NOVA weaves together three overlapping triangles: Mary Ann, a widowed American schoolteacher who has givenup on ever finding love again; Pedro, a suave attorney dealing with a separation from his wife; andTania, (the wife) who may want him back. Then there's Roberto, Pedro's shy brother, who works for their father in his tailor shop; Acacio, a handsome soccer champ soon to be transplanted to England; Sharon, a feisty law intern; and lastly, the hopeful Nadine, a young bohemian who thinks she's foundthe man of her dreams on the internet. With gorgeous locales and heartfelt performances from Oscar(r)-nominated Amy Irving (Best Supporting Actress, Yentl, 1983) and a cast of Brazilian favorites, BOSSA NOVA will whisk you away with a refreshing look at the complexities of love.

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