Paris Hilton (TV's "The Simple Life," House of Wax), Jason Mewes (Clerks II, Dogma), and David Keith (Daredevil, Behind Enemy Lines) star in BOTTOMS UP, the outrageous comedy that serves up young Hollywood straight, no chaser. Hoping to score enough money to save his old man's steakhouse, hotshot bartender Owen (Mewes) flees the Midwest to follow his Hollywood dreams. With the help of flamboyant Uncle Earl (Keith), Owen crashes the celebrity scene full of wild parties and hip nightclubs. But when he hooks up with pampered starlet Lisa (Hilton), whose hunky heartthrob boyfriend Peyton (Brian Hallisay) has his own secret to hide, Owen unexpectedly falls head over heels. Featuring hilarious cameos by Clerks' Kevin Smith and Blue Crush's Matthew Davis, BOTTOMS UP is one sexy, scandalous comedy "that's hot" but goes down smooth.

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