Bad girls just want to have fun! Sassy Adela León (Martha Higareda) - with her tattoos, body piercing and arrest for indecent exposure - wants to be an actress, which drives her father to distraction. She's not exactly what Mexico City's conservative party has in mind as the daughter of their next nominee. So that she doesn't jeopardize his standing in the coming election, Sr. León enrolls Adela in a stylish finishing school for young ladies. Schoolmistress Maca Ribera (Blanca Guerra) promises him that, with a little effort, she can transform Adela into a "domestic goddess." At first, Adela's free-spirited behavior shocks the other girls. But, before long, they come to admire her spunk. By celebrating one another's differences, the girls form fast friendships and, suddenly, life at their stuffy school has become one big slumber party! When Adela is asked to play the biggest role of her life - the hostess of an influential dinner party for her father - she really dishes it out!

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