In a dark age long passed, young Siegfried witnesses the horrible murder of his father, King Siegmund of the Netherlands. Vowing to take back one day what is rightfully his, Siegfried is granted refuge at an allied royal court. Under the watchful eye of his spell-casting mother, Hjordis, Siegfried rigorously trains for his big day of revenge, becoming a powerful warrior. Acquiring a magical sword forged from a fallen star, he sets out to rid the land from the brutal reign of the dragon Fafnir and to gain control over the gold Fafnir stole from the mythical Nibelungs. Victorious, Siegfried baths in the dragon's blood, making him invincible. His merriment is quickly tarnished, however, when the Nibelungs appear, wanting their gold back. Frustrated that they will not even negotiate their fair share, Siegfried, leaves the a portion, but takes for himself The Ring- the beautiful core piece of the Nibelung treasure. He unwisely chooses to ignore the Nibelung curse: he who possesses the Ring will never be able to hold onto true love.