Poor Lil' Pimp (voice of Mark Brooks). The little boy just doesn't seem to fit in at homne in squeaky-clean suburbia. His only friend is a foul-mouthed talking gerbil, Weathers (Ludacris). Then one day, by accident, he runs into a bodacious working girl, Sweet Chiffon (Lil' Kim), who takes him to a bar called Playground, a hip-hop wonderland where he befriends master pimp Fruit Juice (Bernie Mac) and is introduced to the world of pimping. There's no place like the Playground and Lil' Pimp calls it home. But his new life is endangered by the machinations of the city's scheming, duplicitous mayor Tony Gold (Shatner). Unless Gold can be exposed for the conniving, double-crossing politician that he is, the Playground and the neighborhood surrounding it will be transformed into a toxic golf course. And Lil' Pimp will be forced to return to the horrors of life in Suburbia.

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