A young family of three immigrates from Ukraine to Canada in the hopes of starting a new and better life. They move to a town called London, Ontario. But when their expectations fall through, they find themselves burdened by mortgage debt. The son, Alex, grows up and learns his ways through the online world. To alleviate his parents financial troubles, he starts making money illegally, through a site called Darkweb. This turns out to be an organized crime group, headed by an internationally sought-after criminal, Zed. Alex quickly works his way up the ranks, moves to Toronto and finds himself getting more involved. He partners up with a street-wise hustler named Sye and Kira, which puts Alex into a state of conflict. When tensions escalate and a deal goes horribly wrong, the trio moves to Hong Kong to get away from the local trouble. Their operations become larger in volume, but their ambition takes them to a new step. Ripping off ATMs across the city. This catches the attention of Zed, the leader of the organized crime gang. Together with Zed, Alex plans an operation involving the Chariman of the Federal Reserve and the NASDAQ stock exchange. However, they are betrayed, and Alex faces his toughest battle: jail. Inpired by true events.

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