Academy Award® -winner Kim Basinger stars in this epic tale of a woman's quest for adventure and a new life in the majestic, untamed lands of rural Africa. Based on the best-selling true story by Kuki Gallmann, this beautiful film chronicles her life as she leaves her pampered existence in Italy with her son Emanuele and her new husband Paulo for the magnificence and danger of the Kenyan countryside. Kuki learns that life has a different "rhythm" in her new home and when confronted with Africa's fury - unhindered lions, elephants and snakes, destructive storms, dangerous poachers - and the pain of personal loss, she also discovers her own inner strength and purpose. With breathtaking landscapes and riveting performances by Basinger, Vincent Perez, Eva Marie Saint and Liam Aiken, I DREAMED OF AFRICA is a passionate, inspiring film about love, loss and personal triumph.

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