IMPLICATED is a gripping tale of kidnapping, betrayal and murder in the tradition of Fargo and Ransom starring William McNamara (Copycat, Texasville) and Amy Locane (Prefontaine, TV's "Melrose Place"). When Ann's (Locane) new boyfriend Tom (McNamara) asks her to baby sit his boss's young daughter Katie, she is happy to help out. She lost her own daughter in an auto accident and quickly establishes a bond with the little child. But Ann's happiness is soon shattered when she realizes she and Katie are only pawns in Tom's elaborate kidnapping plot which spirals dangerously out of control. Nail-biting drama that will have you on the edge of your seat, IMPLICATED features an outstanding supporting cast including Frederic Forrest, Priscilla Barnes, Richard Tyson, Amanda de Cadenet, Roger Clinton and Phillip Baker Hall.

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