Two estranged geniuses at a London tech incubator, Hale (Justin Chatwin, Shameless, War of the Worlds) and Theo Jones (Tomiwa Edun, The Hour, Merlin, Bates Motel), must reunite after the mysterious death of their mentor (Gabriel Byrne, An L.A. Minute, The Usual Suspects) to track down a serial terrorist bomber. In order to locate the bombs the pair creates a cutting-edge VR technology to upload and interact with the terrorist’s memories. But the resulting “memory cloud” creates an artificial intelligence so powerful that they can't possibly anticipate its hazardous side effects—and hiding in the shadows are forces seeking to exploit the invention for their own insidious agendas. Also stars Nora Arnezeder (Safe House, The Words, Mozart in the Jungle) and Laura Fraser (Breaking Bad).

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