Producers T. D. Jakes and Tracey E. Edmonds invite you to themarriage of Sabrina Watson (Paula Patton, Precious ) and JasonTaylor (Laz Alonso, Fast & Furious), who just might be the perfectcouple. Unfortunately, their families are a perfect recipe fordisaster. Mrs. Watson (Angela Bassett) has anupper-crust sensibility that matches her family’s Martha’sVineyard estate, where Jason’s straight-out-of-Brooklyn mom(Loretta Devine) seems utterly out of place.When the families gather for Jason and Sabrina’s wedding, itbecomes clear that each side has its traditions... and its secrets.When uptown meets downtown, the truth comes out – and onlyone question remains. Will this couple endure the hysterical andharrowing trials of love and finally jump the broom?

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