J.W. COOP is the highly-acclaimed story of an aging rodeo rider, who after released from a 10-year prison sentence, is determined to win a national rodeo championship. When his turbulent past, exemplified by his disturbed mother (Academy Award®-winner Geraldine Page, "The Trip to Bountiful"), collides with his one shot at a comeback, Coop is confronted with a society that has radically changed since his incarceration, making it nearly impossible to adapt and survive. In a stunning directorial debut, Oscar® winner Cliff Robertson (Charley, Spider-Man) stars in the title role of a dreamer fighting to seize his one true passion in the brutally competitive high-stakes rodeo world. Considered by the nation's critics as of one of the original independent films of its time, J.W. COOP is for every one who has ever won, for every one who has ever lost and for everyone who has ever dreamed of second chance.

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