Starring Sean Patrick Flanery (The Boondock Saints) and Rod Taylor (The Birds), KAW is a frightening tale told in the tradition of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds, where a small town is changed forever by the sudden appearance of vicious ravens that have an insatiable taste for human flesh. Wayne Merkle (Flanery), the Chief of Police, is about to begin his last day on the job, before he and his newlywed, Cynthia, (Booth) move to the city to begin their new life. But what begins as a quiet day in the isolated town, quickly turns into a torrent of terror and death, as the town is viciously attacked by thousands of ravens, whom are intelligent, as well as deadly. Now it's up to Wayne, along with the town doctor (Taylor) and a military veteran, Clyde, (McHattie) to save the remaining townspeople, before the birds take over the town entirely.

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