LABYRINTH OF PASSION narrates several love stories. The majority of them end happily while the rest end unhappily but with a certain ray of hope. The couple around whom the story revolves and who simultaneously provoke intense passions of all types is composed of SEXILIA (a young eromaniac, member of a violent feminist musical group – Las EX – and daughter of a brilliant gynecologist) and RIZA NIRO, the heir to an overthrown Arabian emperor who is more interested in cosmetics and men than in international politics. In the background of it all, Madrid, the most evolved city in the western world, the most uncomfortable, the wildest, the most fun. There is music, oral violence, persecutions, changes of images, obesity that doesn't feel ashamed of itself, remedies for people with dry lips and weak fingernails, a future full of uncertainty and a past whose mark is indelible. And on top of all this, love and love's difficulties.

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