A Middle Class family goes into a crisis after the father’s death.Daniela the elder daughter takes charge of the Family Business trying to keep up with their current social status since her mother Mariela could not handle the situation.Legna the youngest daughter falls into a depression.Ivo, the only son, quit school to become a cop. Everybody in the family has a different reaction to their father’s death.The Family had to sell the house to keep going. Daniela gets blamed because the Family Business does not provide anymore.Daniela begins to realize that the Family Business was just a front and her Father was a member of a local cartel.The Mob rescues Daniela from going into bankruptcy and literally hires Daniela to do the job her Father used to do.Now she has to hide the secret to bring back the family social status.To avoid Ivo’s illness, Daniela reveals to him her secret and both join forces to avenge their Father’s Death.

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